Publication to International Journal

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Publication to International Journal

Easy way to publish to International Journal
I suggest publishing a journal in the International Journal of Zambrut through submitting a journal or manuscript to an International Journal. Paper or manuscripts are created using Microsoft Word Manuscripts, a delivery system via online or email. Registration and access is available on the website. For information and guidance on using Manuscripts, open the help page to submit a journal article in online journal submission

Publication to International Journal
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Guide to Writing a Scientific Journal

Guide to Writing a Scientific Journal
There are many guides that can help you in writing a scientific journal. This one guide, may be used as a reference. The general format for scientific journals usually consists of: 1. Title; 2. Abstract; 3. Introduction; 4. Materials and methods; 5. Results; 6. Discussion; 7. Conclusions; 8. Bibliography.
1. Title Every scientific journal must have a clear title. By reading the title, it will be easier for readers to know the core of the journal without having to read the entire journal. For example, the title “Biology Lab Report”. With a title like this, no reader will want to read it because it does not describe the contents of the journal. Examples of clear titles, for example “Effect of Light and Temperature on Growth of Population of Escherichia Coli Bacteria”. This title has more or less reported the contents of the journal.

Online Submission Journal Steps
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How to Write a Research Journal?

How to Write a Research Journal
The procedures for writing research journals often make teachers / lecturers confused, even though in the new era of education we now demand journals as the main conditions in various moments such as promotion, performance appraisal, etc.
Each journal that is published cannot be separated from several different rules or rules, depending on the portion desired by the publisher. This time the author wants to try to share a little knowledge of the ways and procedures in journal writing. Before we further discuss about making journals, we are better acquainted first.

Scientific publication in International Journal
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Benefits of Journal Writing

Benefits of Journal Writing
Benefits of Journal Writing; Get to know the Zambrut Journal Publication.

Educational institutions including Research, Technology and Higher Education writing publications are an obligation of the lecturer, both the associate professor and professor. A scientist should develop science and technology, and disseminate them to the public. But unfortunately, out of professors, there are still approximately people who have not published international scientific journals. That is, there are only approximately  people who have fulfilled their obligations as professors.
Especially for reasons has a writing habit that is still lacking. Yet if examined further writing has many advantages. By writing a journal, like it or not, lecturers are required to study and even do their own research. The results of the study will add to the insight of lecturers in developing their knowledge. Even by writing a book, the lecturer is not disadvantaged, but is benefited by many things.

Benefits of Journal Writing
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Opportunity to publish national or international journals?

Opportunity to publish national or international journals?
How to publish a book for a lecturer or researcher who is involved in academia, publishing a journal is a demand as well as an award for himself. On the other hand, how to publish books is also one of the more values that should be obtained by the people in the group. Furthermore, how to publish a book and publish a journal are two things that are actually interconnected. That is, by publishing books, we can get inspiration to publish journals where the themes we take up are a small part of the books we write. On the other hand, we can also publish books by developing themes that we have discussed in the journals we have published. Thus, the themes derived from the journal can be developed into several important parts in a book, namely through the chapters in it. This will make it easier for us to determine the theme that we will adopt.

Opportunity to publish national or international journals?
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How to Make a Scientific International Scale Publication

How to Make a Scientific Journal and International Scale Publication
How to make scientific journals, that journals can not only be published on a national scale, but also have many present on an international scale. Basically the two types of journals don’t have much difference. Possible differences that exist only lies in the use of language alone. Journal functions are basically the same, namely publishing creative and innovative work.
International scientific journals as a product of how to create scientific journals, there are those who already have reputations and those who are not reputable. Reputable scientific journals basically meet international journal criteria. Reputable international scientific journals have certainly been indexed by reputable international databases, such as Web of Science, Scopus, Zambrut or Microsoft Academic Search. In addition, reputed international scientific journals also have impact factors from ISI Web of Science and Scimago Journal Rank.

How to Make a Scientific Journal and International Scale Publication
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